Paddle boarding with baby

One of my favorite activities to do is paddle boarding. The weather was finally nice enough to get out onto the lake and paddle around.

I wasn’t sure how Sloane would do but had a positive attitude that it would go well. She had a blast and I had a good workout.

I started with just kneeling and letting her lean against me. Eventually I was able to stand and trust that she wouldn’t jump ship. From time to time I would let her “paddle” and she enjoyed participating.

Don’t forget sunscreen and bring plenty of water with you. I have a dry bag I bring with us to throw our items into and clip it onto the board.

Happy paddling!




9 Replies to “Paddle boarding with baby”

  1. What a brave mama yo take your child paddle boarding! I’m sure it’s great for learning balance and discipline. My son loves water. I highly doubt I could get him out of the water long enough to do this! Lol

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  2. Love that you managed to share your workout adventure with your baby. She will develop a love for nature and working out. Great that you weren’t afraid to try it. Paddle boarding looks like fun! I never did it.


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