Snowshoeing with a baby

Still want to keep up with your winter sports? Throw a baby on your back and get out there.


Brandon had just come home from an 8 month deployment and we were both anxious to get up on the mountain and get some much needed down time as a family.

Normally, our hikes require little effort and a small amount of gear, this time was different. I knew I didn’t want a bunch of extra weight on my back but I also always feel like I may need extra items because of baby. Here is a list of gear we brought and used and what I wish I had brought.


1. Baby backpack carrier- the most important item on my list. These are comfortable for you and baby, adjustable, provides sun shade for baby and provides plenty of storage. We use the Osprey Poco premium. There are many other comparable brands. Osprey Pogo Premium


2. Snow shoes- these make life so much easier on the snow. While we were hiking, we saw a pregnant mama who was only using hiking boots and kept falling through. We use Elecktra brand.

3. Walking sticks- For me, whenever I have Sloane on my back, walking sticks are a must. They help keep my body upright and not leaning forward. They are very useful when it is steep.


4. How to dress baby- Layers! We were in the sun and in the shade, both areas were very different temperatures. We live in Jackson, WY and the weather in the parks can be very unpredictable.

Onesie, socks and booties. I did not find a brand of boots I liked or would recommend. She wasn’t walking, yet, but her feet needed to stay warm. Make sure to pack extra base clothing (onesie, socks, pants) in case of any accidents.

Patagonia base layer top

Patagonia base layer pants

Patagonia puff ball jacket

Patagonia puff ball pants

Patagonia winter hat

Patagonia mittens

5. Sunscreen- Don’t forget the sunscreen! The reflection of the snow is brutal (more on this later). We like to use either beauty counter or Think Baby.

6. Diapers, wipes and bottles if you need them. I breastfeed, so I didn’t need to worry about bringing bottles.

7. Food and water- We brought snacks and lots of water.

8. Bear spray- depending on the area you are hiking, you will want spray. We saw a young grizzly during this hike. You want it out and accessible within seconds.

Now for the things I wish we had brought with us.

1. More food- I underestimated how long we would be gone for and I did not bring enough food for us. If you are a nursing mom, you know keeping up with calories is important and will keep you from killing your husband in the woods.

2. Baby sunglasses- I did not realize how much of a reflection there would be from the snow. Even though she had sunscreen on her face, I didn’t reapply and she got a sun burn under her little eyes. It was really bright out and I needed glasses.

3. Socks- I brought extra for the baby and forgot about us. Brandon fell through the ice while we were on top of the lake. He went in to his knees and his feet were soaked. Thankfully, it was sunny out and we were able to dry them in the sun.

Make sure to take breaks when needed and let the baby out to stretch and explore.

Happy hiking!


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